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Open source is the foundation of any software-driven business. But legal teams often struggle to track and manage the vast amount of open source that enters their organization through development, procurement, and M&A. 

Ensure compliance, avoid litigation, and preserve the value of IP

Synopsys provides solutions that give teams a complete view of the open source in use internally, or within companies they are looking to acquire, so they can mitigate risks, comply with license obligations, and preserve the value of acquired technology assets.

Automate open source license compliance

Reduce friction in the software development life cycle (SDLC) by integrating and automating open source license approval workflows. Black Duck® software composition analysis (SCA) provides visibility into the open source licenses in use, enforces policies, and manages obligations so you can avoid costly litigation and protect your intellectual property.

Manage license compliance across the software supply chain

Get complete insight into your software supply chain with visibility into the composition of commercial and other third-party software. Black Duck Binary Analysis helps teams identify open source licenses and potential compliance risks and conflicts in any application without requiring access to source code.

Mitigate IP risk with comprehensive M&A due diligence

Protect your organization from potential litigation, loss of IP, or reduced ROI by analyzing license risk during M&A due diligence. Black Duck Audits provide a comprehensive review of software and deliver a complete assessment of open source licenses in use, their obligations, and any potential license conflicts or misuse.

Protect sensitive intellectual property and ensure open source license compliance