Software Quality & Security Standards Compliance

Ensure your software complies with the standards critical to customers and regulators

If your organization manages payments, handles sensitive customer or patient data, or operates in a regulated market, you may need to demonstrate compliance with specific standards to maintain customer trust and avoid legal or regulatory penalties.

Software compliance is more difficult than ever

The important details in software standards can be difficult to manage as software development:

  • Accelerates. Compliance tasks may delay development workflows and release deadlines.
  • Scales. As application portfolios grow, so does the risk of compliance violation.
  • Becomes more complex. Varying development technologies present unique compliance challenges.
Software compliance is more difficult than ever | Synopsys

Synopsys can help you achieve your compliance objectives

We cover other software standards not mentioned here. Contact us to learn how we can help with your specific compliance objectives.

⬤ = This solution provides full, or nearly full, compliance for this standard.

◯ = This solution provides partial compliance for this standard.

We’ll teach you to do your own compliance upkeep | Synopsys

Build compliant applications with Synopsys

Synopsys helps you verify and maintain compliance before, during, and after development.