Bringing Science to Software Security

There is an old adage that says “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” The Building Security in Maturity Model (BSIMM) applies scientific principles to the field of software security to effectively measure security activities across industries and business units.


From Zero to Metrics in Six Easy Steps

Learn how to to gain management support by continually demonstrating results with security metrics that are tied to strategic and operational business objectives.


Security vs. Development: The SDLC’s Game of Thrones

We share our top secret battle plans including how to present a united front between security and development to overcome foes more terrifying than a horde of White Walkers.


Insider Threats in the Software Supply Chain

In the hands of a malicious insider, seemingly innocuous code may hide functionality to insert logic bombs, siphon funds, or even sabotage your system. Learn how malicious code can enter your software and what you can do about it.

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