Architecture Risk Analysis

Identify flaws within system designs to improve your security posture

Years of experience has taught us that half of the software defects that create security problems are flaws in design. Simply testing software for security bugs within lines of code or penetration testing your applications ignores half of the problems that leave your organization vulnerable to attack.

Get support no matter where you are in the SDLC

Get support no matter where you are in the SDLC

An ARA enables you to find and remediate security problems earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which is less expensive, invasive, and time consuming than waiting until code is written or QA tests are performed. However, even if you’re system is already built or deployed, an ARA can be immensely valuable.

Expose and remediate the other 50% of defects hiding in your system design

By addressing security in your design, you can architect common, recurring software defects out of your code. In addition to ARA, we offer…

Span your entire design

In an architecture risk analysis, our security experts review your application design in depth and look for weaknesses in your architecture that would allow attacks to succeed.

An ARA goes one step further than a threat model by performing security reviews to test the actual feasibility of the identified threat/attack vectors.

We provide the bridge between testing and remediation

We provide the bridge between testing and remediation

At the end of each assessment, we will conduct a read-out call with the appropriate development team to review each vulnerability identified during the assessment, answer any questions that the team might have around each vulnerability, and discuss mitigation/remediation strategies.