Threat Modeling

We bring to light potential weaknesses in the design of your application

We unearth vulnerabilities in your applications by looking beyond the typical canned list of attacks to model all the ways different types of threat agents might interact with your attack surface.

We support your specific security risk

We support your specific security risk

Threat modeling is not a one-size-fits all approach. Not all organizations share the same security risk profile, and not all hackers think alike or have access to the same system components. We model threats specific to your business and consider the types of attacks you are most likely to face.

Dig deeper into threat modeling

Learn more about how threat modeling can improve your security profile.


Using Threat Modeling to Find Design Flaws

Discover your weaknesses before an attacker can

We identify potential weaknesses that may increase your system’s susceptibility to an attack including where your design violates secure design patterns, where your system omits security controls, or where those security controls suffer from misconfiguration, weakness, or misuse.

Threat modeling fits no matter where you are in the process

Threat modeling fits no matter where you are in the process

Including threat modeling early in the software development process can ensure your organization is building security into your applications. For applications that are further along in development or currently launched, threat modeling can help you pinpoint the need for additional security testing.