Software Security for the Automotive Industry

Make security a driving force in your development process

Building safety-critical products is a priority to all car manufacturers. Whether it’s electrical, chemical, or mechanical, you need specific expertise to understand failure modes. Security is no different—especially with the continuously advancing threat to connected cars. Our goal is to help the Automotive industry deliver a sustained software security initiative that provides continuous and comprehensive security risk identification and mitigation.

Tighten your software security processes

Tighten your software security processes

Identifying security risks in connected cars requires a thorough understanding of attackers, motivations, techniques, and tools. We provide cost-effective, scalable solutions to help you change and improve your processes and ensure you’re building systems securely.

Our approach is grounded in the fundamentals of technology risk management

We adapt these fundamentals to the unique features of the auto ecosystem, including:

It’s time to take the wheel

44% of consumers feel that the vehicle manufacturer is responsible for securing a vehicle from hacking.

Braking the Connected Car: The Future of Vehicle Vulnerabilities, RSA

Let us pave the way

Let us pave the way

To build security in at every stage of your SDLC, it’s important to establish a security risk management process that is parallel to your safety risk management processes. We’ll help you mirror the same safety gates you use to analyze all the ‘what ifs’ to assess ‘what if someone hacks your car’? Once you’ve asked all the questions, you can begin the analysis process to reach understanding and arrive at solutions.