Software Security for the Connected Car

Put security in the driver’s seat

Modern vehicles increasingly serve as mobile access points to sensitive personal data, and manufacturers cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to application security. Weaknesses in source code and design, unpatched vulnerabilities, and inadequate application security practices can all put your software—and your customers’ data—at risk.

Uphold security during development and testing

Our proven methodologies and automated solutions will strengthen your software security posture at every stage of the SDLC and across your software supply chain.

  • In design: Identify risky design flaws, control defects, and asset vulnerabilities.
  • In development: Detect third-party components, security vulnerabilities, license use, and critical defects and weaknesses in code.
Connected car attack vectors

Manage risk across the SDLC and supply chain

Our approach to automotive software security is grounded in the fundamentals of technology risk management. We support the distinct needs of the auto industry with these critical activities:

  • ECU emulation, prototyping, fault simulation, modeling, and virtual interfaces
  • CAN bus (controller area network) analysis, fuzzing, capture, and reverse engineering
  • AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture)
  • Vehicle ecosystem threat modeling and architectural risk analysis
  • Embedded code reviews, penetration testing, and reverse engineering
  • Communications interface testing (onboard, wireless, dealer, manufacturing)
  • Telematics, infotainment, and head-unit testing
  • Diagnostics, logging, and timing subsystem testing and modeling
  • Certificate, encryption, key store, analysis, and testing
  • Vehicle hardening, IDS, IPS, logging, and reporting
  • Program design and development
  • Software security training

Achieve excellence in automotive software security

Auto industry participation

To practice our commitment to the evolution and adoption of cyber security best practices in the automotive industry, we contribute to a range of industry groups:

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