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A Synopsys Maturity Action Plan (MAP) helps you address your specific application security challenges and objectives by providing an actionable roadmap for your security and development teams. Whether you want to move applications to the cloud, build security into your software development life cycle (SDLC) or DevOps initiatives, or manage open source risks, a MAP outlines the steps to get you there.

An intelligent roadmap based on multiple factors

A MAP starts with an analysis of seven key factors spanning your security program’s people, processes, and technology.

This helps you uncover the current state of your program, define the future state, and outline a plan with estimated costs and resources needed to achieve your desired security goals.

Friction + -


Uncover the friction points between key stakeholders across diverse teams, such as audit function vs. business innovation, or development vs. operations.



Prescribe automation processes to reduce the reliance on human intervention, enabling the elimination of bottlenecks and an increased focus on more meaningful challenges.

Coverage + -


Measure your organization's capacity and ability to maximize capabilities relative to your unique risk profile.

Timing + -


Develop a holistic plan to optimize the speed of activities in relation to ROI of associated capabilities.


Opportunity Cost

Discover the opportunity cost associated with your decisions, such as balancing quick wins vs. scalable solutions.



Determine the optimal testing process by looking at the mean time it takes to identify root cause across varying analysis and testing methods.

Security + -


Increase confidentiality, integrity, and availability by understanding the impact of each security capability and its associated risk to achieving program goals.

Phase 1

Start by understanding your current state with an in-depth assessment of your security program.

Phase 2

Define the target future state and identify gaps between where you are today and where you need to go.

Phase 3

Build out an action plan derived from your organization’s unique characteristics to achieve your desired target state.

Select a MAP that aligns to your goals


Address key security gaps and automate security workflows

Understanding the health of your applications starts with an look at your security tools, projects, and people. By capturing a holistic view of your security posture, you can build a plan to thoughtfully address security gaps.

A Software Security Program MAP helps you:

  • Determine the current state of security investments (people, tools, and projects)
  • Prioritize future funding, streamline resources, and reduce overall application risks
  • Uncover the best processes and tooling to increase automation and speed up remediation of vulnerabilities

Protect your cloud applications

Are you looking to move your applications to the cloud but aren’t sure how to maintain security as you do it?

A Cloud Security MAP provides you with a clear security strategy for managing your cloud-native applications. Each Cloud Security MAP is developed using proven Synopsys cloud security maturity models along with industry-recognized frameworks (CIS, NIST, etc.).

A Cloud Security MAP helps you:

  • Create a sound cloud security reference architecture
  • Rationalize tools and governance
  • Provide secure development guidance

Build security into DevOps

Developer productivity and pipeline velocity doesn’t have to come at the cost of security. Implementing a Synopsys DevSecOps MAP can help you methodically integrate security into your pipelines without interfering with the speed of development.

A DevSecOps MAP uses a phased approach to help you:

  • Automate tools into your CI/CD pipelines
  • Draw up a plan to transfer best coding practices over to your developers
  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities faster while avoiding development friction

Protect against open source vulnerabilities and license risk

Can you trust the open source that your developers are using? The Open Source Software (OSS) MAP provides you with a tactical roadmap to securely consume and distribute open source software while maintaining license compliance and avoiding risk for your applications.

The OSS MAP framework aligns with OpenChain, the international standard for open source license compliance.

The OSS MAP helps you:

  • Understand your license obligations
  • Utilize software composition analysis to find vulnerabilities and defects early in the SDLC and fix them
  • Put the proper governance and policies in place to manage the legal, security, and operational impact of OSS

Construct a plan for your unique security goals

If your organization has other software security needs, our customized MAPs can help you achieve them in the most cost-effective, efficient manner.

MAP Secure Design

Security champions

Explore how to train and nurture security champions within the software development team, to introduce, mature, or improve a security program.  

MAP Secure Design

AppSec metrics

Determine what’s working, what isn’t, and what you need to change, with a security metric–driven approach.  

MAP Secure Design


Learn how to integrate security into all stages of your existing CI/CD pipeline.

MAP Secure Design

Secure design

Early in the design phase—before code even gets written—discover how and where to implement secure design practices.

MAP Secure Design

Application inventory

Manage security from a holistic point of view by understanding the depth and breadth of your full application portfolio.

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