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Balancing Transformation and Security

Organizations in the financial services industry (FSI) are constantly evolving to adopt new technologies aimed at automating internal processes, improving margins, and modernizing online and mobile experiences for their customers. At the same time, these organizations must quickly transform and streamline their DevOps and security practices to accommodate the rapid increase in development velocity. 

But what happens when security doesn't keep pace? 

In the FSI, the consequences of mismanaging software security are especially dire; opportunities for exploit abound, and the sensitive data that financial institutions are trusted to manage is a high-profile target for attack. Without proper security strategies, tools, and processes, financial institutions expose themselves and their customers to undue risk. 

This report details the top software security challenges facing FSI organizations, and how Synopsys is uniquely capable of resolving these challenges in alignment with your specific business needs, objectives, and risk posture. 

Download the report to learn 

  • How to establish a constant security stance to secure your software supply chain
  • Why correlating and synthesizing test results is necessary to prevent software vulnerabilities from becoming business risks
  • Which tools and solutions you need to automate compliance efforts
  • How to identify data leakage in real time
  • How to achieve DevSecOps while overcoming a scarcity of security resources  

Explore how to build security into DevOps