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Global State of DevSecOps 2023 

Strategies, Tools, and Practices Impacting Software Security

In today’s fast-paced and automated world of software development, building security into DevOps is crucial to keeping up with business demands while managing software risk. DevSecOps makes security an integral part of the software development life cycle (SDLC), rather than a separate, standalone phase. It allows security issues to be identified and addressed as early as possible, reducing the risk of breaches while having a minimal impact on the speed and efficiency of software development.

Despite widespread adoption of DevSecOps, many organizations struggle to integrate security tooling and practices into their DevOps pipelines and workflows. The complexity and friction that security tools can introduce are nonstarters for DevOps teams, and the steep learning curves and “noisy” results negatively impact IT budgets, efficiencies, and productivity.

The "Global State of DevSecOps 2023" report examines various characteristics of organizations at different stages of DevSecOps maturity. It delves into the challenges that teams face when adopting DevSecOps, as well as the strategies, tools, and practices to successfully overcome them.

Download the "Global State of DevSecOps 2023" report to learn

  • How widespread DevSecOps is around the world
  • Common barriers to effectively implement and manage DevSecOps
  • Cultural considerations when adopting and optimizing DevSecOps
  • Leading practices to enable DevSecOps success and that indicate a mature security program
  • Which security tools and cutting-edge technologies are helping organizations effectively implement DevSecOps strategies
State of DevSecOps Report | Synopsys

Download the report now

Download the report now

A combined 91% of respondents reported that they incorporate some measure of DevSecOps activities into their software development pipelines."

Global State of DevSecOps 2023