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AppSec Strategy Guide: A Step-by-Step Breakdown to Achieve DevSecOps

As development technologies become more fast-paced, modular, and automated, the tools and practices used to secure software must evolve to keep pace. While many application security testing (AST) tools can be integrated into pipelines, teams often struggle with complexity, performance, and noisy results. 

Injecting security into DevOps without sacrificing efficiency requires a concerted approach. Focus areas of this approach should include 

  • Enabling developers to secure code as fast as they write
  • Integrating and automating AST tools in ways that minimize friction and run the right tests at the right times
  • Automating modular AST services that perform continuous testing and verification in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Prioritizing remediation efforts to align with business needs  

Download the eBook now to learn how you can accelerate software development while mitigating software risk and keeping your internal operations resilient. 

Step-by-Step guide to Achieve DevSecOps

Download the eBook now