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Transforming AppSec: The Top Three Ways to Build Security into DevOps

DevOps has changed the way organizations bring software to market, allowing them to deliver new applications and features rapidly and continuously. But it’s also introduced new security challenges as testing and remediation have failed to keep pace. As a result, cybercriminals have developed new attack strategies that intensify their focus on the application layer, including open source and software supply chains, capitalizing on the “velocity over security” ethos of modern software development.

A new approach to software development is needed. One that addresses business risk without impeding business progress. One that removes the false choice between speed and security—and makes the promise of DevSecOps a reality. 

This eBook details three ways of achieving security with speed. 

  • Run the right test at the right time and to the right depth
  • Align remediation efforts with business risks
  • Empower developers to secure code as fast as they write it  

Organizations that can succeed in these areas will turn software security from a productivity inhibitor into a business enabler and competitive differentiator.

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