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Scaling DevSecOps:
Continuous Testing That Evolves with Your Business

Continuous testing is a critical aspect of building a robust DevSecOps program. According to the Synopsys “Global State of DevSecOps 2023” report, 30% of survey respondents consider continuously monitoring applications in production a major security practice within their organizations. Achieving this, however, requires a flexible and scalable approach that can adapt to the challenges of today’s digital landscape.

In this guide, learn how a flexible and scalable SaaS AppSec platform can help you manage continuous testing with multiple scanning technologies across your DevSecOps program, while enabling your AppSec and development teams to collaborate in real time to meet deadlines.

Download the guide to learn

  • The current challenges of today’s dynamic security landscape
  • The key advantages of using a scalable, SaaS AppSec platform to address those challenges
  • How to create flexibility in three critical areas of your DevSecOps program using a SaaS AppSec platform
  • How to empower your developers to code securely in real time with IDE plugins and DevOps integrations
Scaling your DevSecOps with Continuous Testing Guide

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