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BSIMM Trends & Insights

BSIMM Trends & Insights

BSIMM13: The Latest on Software Security Trends

What’s Inside 

Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) is a data-driven model developed through analysis of real-world software security initiatives (also known as application or product security programs). The BSIMM13 report, published in September 2022, represents the latest evolution of this detailed measuring stick for software security.

Through the analysis of 130 organizations across nine industry verticals, the BSIMM13 report reveals

  • The top five software security activities being used today
  • Notable growth in code review, cloud, and attack intelligence efforts
  • Supply chain, “shift everywhere,” and other major trends
  • Key actions organizations should adopt to evolve their application security programs

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BSIMM Trends & Insights

Explore the findings from 130 organizations on software security trends, insights on top activities, growth in code review, cloud and attack intelligence, supply chain trends, and key actions for improving security programs. 

BSIMM Trends & Insights

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