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Synopsys and Amazon Web Services (AWS) work together to help customers secure and deploy apps confidently in their AWS cloud environment. Whether you’re developing new cloud-native apps or hosting existing apps on AWS, Synopsys integrations with AWS tools and services help you build secure, high-quality software faster. Synopsys application security testing tools Coverity, Black Duck, and Seeker integrate into your CI/CD pipelines to help you scan and test your applications and remediate security and quality issues before they’re deployed. After deployment, stay notified of new open source security vulnerabilities or policy violations that can affect your running applications.


AWS CodeBuild | Synopsys

AWS CodeBuild

Scan applications built with AWS CodeBuild by adding Synopsys Detect to your build spec configuration file.

AWS CodePipeline | Synopsys

AWS CodePipeline

Scan any AWS CodePipeline application for open source vulnerabilities automatically as it progresses from build to deployment by invoking Black Duck through Synopsys Detect.

Amazon Elastic Container Registry | Synopsys

Amazon Elastic Container Registry

Identify open source software components in container images stored in Amazon Elastic Container Registry using Synopsys Detect, and send the results to your Black Duck instance to discover vulnerability, license, and operational risks.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk | Synopsys

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Perform interactive scans of applications deployed to AWS Elastic Beanstalk by instrumenting the Seeker Agent to uncover runtime vulnerabilities as part of your QA and functional testing routines.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service | Synopsys

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Monitor and scan Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service deployments for open source security risks, and stay notified of the state of your running containers with the OpsSight Connector for Black Duck.

AWS CodeStar | Synopsys

AWS CodeStar

Track issues right inside the AWS CodeStar dashboard using Coverity, Black Duck, and Seeker integrations with Jira.

Synopsys and AWS integration architecture

Synopsys offers Black Duck and Coverity integrations with and support for AWS CI tools (CodeBuild, CodePipeline, CodeStar) and Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS):

Synopsys and Amazon Web Services Integration Architecture | Synopsys

Synopsys for AWS CodePipeline. Scan with Black Duck using a CodePipeline Custom Action. Call Synopsys product APIs to evaluate whether to continue your build.

Synopsys for AWS CodeBuild. Coverity and Black Duck plug into the CodeBuild build spec, where developers direct CodeBuild on how to build the application.

Synopsys for AWS CodeStar. All Synopsys tools integrate with Jira, so reported issues automatically show up in the CodeStar Dashboard alongside a view of CodePipeline.

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