Securing Containers (ILT)

Course Description

Containers have changed the way applications are being deployed nowadays. In the past few years, the reason the term “Containerization” has gained a lot of traction is because it makes the job easy for an application team to build, package and distribute a microservice or an application across different environments. Docker has emerged as the leading container technology that is used by organizations large and small for packaging and deploying these services or applications.

However, as always, security is a challenge that organizations face when it comes to deploying containers securely. Container security refers to the protection of the integrity of the containers which include both the application as well as the infrastructure they make use of. This course features hands-on labs and instruction that will enable students to harden the container runtime and the container host, along with a host of other best practices pertaining to container security.


Delivery Format:  Traditional Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Duration: 8 Hours

Level: Intermediate

Intended Audience: 

  •  Developers
  •  DevSecOps
  •  Architects
  •  Security Practitioners

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