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Synopsys eLearning provides interactive digital courseware designed to help development teams learn and implement best practices for secure coding. 

Relevant, impactful application security training

Synopsys eLearning helps development teams learn the skills they need to secure their environment and apply them to their day-to-day routines. To help teams build knowledge around their security needs, Synopsys eLearning provides:

  • Broad coverage of software security concepts. Choose from a wide variety of courses depending on compliance and security objectives, development technologies, and skill levels.
  • Real-world case studies. Learners apply software security concepts and practices to common use cases and scenarios.
  • Relevant material. When integrated with other Synopsys products, eLearning recommends lessons based on real security issues in your code.

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Synopsys portfolio integrations help developers learn as they code

Synopsys portfolio integrations allow eLearning to recommend specific lessons based on issues identified by Code Sight, Coverity, and Seeker (IAST). The results:

  • Focused lessons. Developers get information on specific security challenges in their code.
  • To-the-point learning options. Short, targeted lessons allow developers to get back to coding quickly.
  • On-demand education. Developers learn about application security when it makes sense for them.

Code Sight integration

After finding a NoSQL query injection defect in a JavaScript file, Code Sight recommended lessons in eLearning courses.

Coverity integration

eLearning training lets you tackle issues head on. When Coverity identifies a defect, eLearning will serve you the relevant CWE course.

Seeker integration

eLearning suggested lessons in OWASP Top 10 and Defensive Programming for Java EE Web Applications for this SQL injection vulnerability.

Manage user engagement and measure impact

You can administer eLearning through on-premises course files or our hosted platform. To help you provision courses and track their impact, we provide:

  • Flexible implementation. Dynamically assign specific courses to user groups, or let users learn at their own pace.
  • Tools to motivate and engage learners. Learners can earn badges, compete on leaderboards, and earn customizable certificates in specific topics.
  • Comprehensive reporting. Assess training impact with real-time reporting on progress, user engagement, and assessment scores for every learner.
  • Ability to act on feedback. Learners can rate courses so you can build your curriculum based on real feedback.
Learner-centric software security training

Training tailored for specific development roles and objectives

Synopsys eLearning provides courses tailored to different roles and projects, security/compliance objectives, development technologies, and skill levels. Here are some of our security training topics:

Software security fundamentals

Those new to software security can learn the basics with beginner-friendly content. Development teams learn how software is exploited and how to develop strategies to protect against attacks.

Courses include:

See more.

Software compliance

Synopsys eLearning includes courses on building applications in compliance with specific software standards. Additionally, eLearning can fulfill developer education requirements in software security standards or initiatives.

Courses include:

See more.

Front-end development

To maintain a competitive edge, software development teams add user interface capabilities. But new features mean new potential security pitfalls for developers.

Courses include:

See more.

Back-end development

Server-side programming languages, web server technologies, databases, and other back-end technologies present a wide variety of security challenges. Synopsys eLearning provides technical deep dives into the technologies used by back-end developers.

Courses include:

See more.

Mobile development

While mobile apps present new opportunities, they also create unique security challenges. Synopsys eLearning courses help developers understand the security nuances specific to mobile technologies.

Courses include:

See more.

Secure architecture

Synopsys eLearning courses teach learners about strategies for designing and architecting secure applications from the beginning of the SDLC.

Courses include:

See more.

Who develops our eLearning lessons?

Every course is designed by top experts in the software security field. Our content creators continuously produce new and updated courses so development teams learn about the most current and relevant security topics and skills. Let us introduce you.

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