Synopsys eLearning is an outcome-driven, learner-centric training solution that makes learning about security easy, relevant, and accessible. 

A comprehensive eLearning ecosystem

Learners have on-demand access to an immersive, continuous learning ecosystem that unifies security expertise, instructional design, and storytelling into an intuitive platform.


  • Reimagined computer-based training that harnesses game-based mechanics to encourage active learning:
    • Real-world case studies
    • Knowledge checks and assessments
    • Interactive exercises
    • Technical deep dives
    • And more
  • Discussion forum integration for peer-based learning
  • Complements the Synopsys Instructor-Led Training portfolio

Security training: A pervasive challenge

Employees are a fundamental component of software security. Gartner points out that “humans, with all of their inherent strengths and weaknesses, play an undeniable role in an organization’s overall security and risk posture.”* So if you’re struggling to make security a priority within your team, you’re not alone.

  • 1.8 million

    According to (ISC)2, there will be a 20% increase in software security jobs—from 1.5 million jobs in 2015 to 1.8 million jobs in 2022.

  • 19%

    According to 451 Research, 19% of ~800 organizations listed security awareness training ineffectiveness or difficulty as a top information security pain point.

  • 4 in 5

    According to the 2017 Verizon DBIR report, four in five companies never measure the success of their security training investments.

What can you do with Synopsys eLearning?

Provide learner-centric training that fits how learners best consume information

  • Modularized lessons that fulfill learning objectives in 5–10 minutes
  • Game-based mechanics
  • Role-based curriculum provisioning
  • Mobile responsiveness for on-demand 24/7 access
Learner-centric software security training
Learn software security

Empower learners to behave with software security in mind

  • Interactive, hands-on exercises for applied learning
  • Discussion forum integration for peer-based, reflective learning
  • Progress tracking for contextualized learning
  • Enhanced content discovery for continuous learning

Assess training impact and effectiveness with near real-time reports

  • Leaderboards
  • User engagement
  • Cohort progress
  • Curriculum completion
  • Assessment scoring
  • Reports API support for data freedom
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Who develops our eLearning lessons?

Every course is designed and taught by top experts in the field, so you know the information you get is current, practical, and applicable. Let us introduce you.

Philippe De Ryck

Philippe De Ryck

As a Ph.D. in web security, I learned to dig deep and uncover the root causes of security issues. Now, I use that knowledge to offer security training to developers. Synopsys eLearning is a great way to spread my knowledge to even more developers.

Jimmy Mesta

Jimmy Mesta

Building modern, developer-friendly security solutions makes me tick. I’ve helped teams identify and remediate flaws in complex systems. My aim is to share my knowledge with Synopsys and give developers an edge over their adversaries.

Casey Dunham

Casey Dunham

I believe education is a key factor in a robust, agile secure development life cycle. My aim is to bring my defensive and offensive security experience to Synopsys eLearning and empower developers with the education they need.

Ron Perris

Ron Perris

As a developer, I’ve built vulnerability remediation tools. As a researcher, I’ve found critical vulnerabilities. As a leader, I’ve raised awareness on construction techniques. Now I’m working with Synopsys to share security knowledge.

Jim Manico

Jim Manico

My passion is training developers. I volunteer for the OWASP Foundation, and I’ve written many publications. I love bringing my network of experience to Synopsys eLearning and building a learning community around secure development.

Training tailored to every role in the SDLC

Synopsys eLearning enables curriculum provisioning by role, team, or project.

front-end developers training

Front-end Developers

As modern users depend more on applications, they demand more user interface capabilities. New features mean new security pitfalls for developers. Synopsys offers courses on defensive programming, web frameworks, and more.

back-end developers training

Back-end Developers

Applications are only as strong as their back end. It’s difficult to keep up with server-side programming languages, web server technologies, and database technologies. Synopsys offers courses on SAML, MongoDB, and more.

enterprise developers training

Enterprise Developers

Enterprise developers bear the responsibility of providing customers with new technical capabilities, such as cloud integration, without introducing security concerns. Synopsys offers courses on COBOL, C/C++, Java, and more.

mobile developers training

Mobile Developers

Modern users are dependent on mobile devices and apps. While mobile apps present opportunities, they also create unique security challenges. Synopsys offers courses on defensive programming for iOS, Android, and more.

training for QA engineers

QA Engineers

Functional testing, or software security testing that extends beyond positive testing, is a critical part of the secure development life cycle. Synopsys offers courses on software security testing strategy, basics of software requirements, and more.

Security architects training


Nearly 50% of defects in software are caused by flaws in the software design. Finding flaws in design is less expensive, invasive, and time-consuming than waiting until QA. Synopsys offers courses on PCI DSS, OWASP Top 10, and more.

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*Perry Carpenter and Deborah Kish, “Forecast Snapshot: Security Awareness Computer-Based Training, Worldwide, 2017,” Gartner, March 8, 2017.