Secure Password Storage


Developers have been storing passwords for ages, but the best practices for password storage have evolved significantly over the years. As weaknesses became apparent, new mechanisms for security became requisite.

In this course, we look at commonly used (but weak) password storage mechanisms, working toward current best practices for storing passwords. We explore real-life scenarios to construct a layered approach to storing passwords securely. Suggested additional courses: Introduction to Cryptography for Developers and Architects.

Course Themes

  • Password weaknesses
  • Insecure password storage mechanisms
  • Best practices for storing passwords
  • Upgrade strategies for password storage mechanisms

Learning Objectives

  • Understand weaknesses in password-based authentication systems.
  • Effectively analyze the security of an existing password storage mechanism.
  • Implement a password storage mechanism using current best practices.
  • Devise an upgrade strategy for an existing password storage mechanism.


Delivery Format: eLearning

Duration: 75 Minutes

Level: Intermediate

Intended Audience:

  • Back-End Developers
  • Enterprise Developers

Competencies: None

Prerequisites: None


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