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Balancing the competing demands of secure application development isn't easy. The software you build is increasingly complex, but you have less time to deliver it. Users expect that it's fast and easy to use, but also secure and reliable. 

Build security into every stage of development

Synopsys solutions for Development and DevOps teams help you build security and quality into your software development lifecycle (SDLC) intelligently, without compromising developer productivity or pipeline velocity.

Architecture risk analysis

Identify design flaws that can leave applications vulnerable


Synopsys Architecture Risk Analysis helps software architects and developers ensure their applications are secure by design.

find and fix code defects as developers code

Find & fix security defects while you code


With the Code Sight IDE plug-in, developers can get real-time analysis of security defects in the code they write as well as the open source components they use directly within the IDE.  

Synopsys Intelligent Orchestration

Build security and quality checks into CI pipelines without slowing them down


AppSec testing doesn’t have to bring pipelines to a halt or overwhelm developers with findings.

Synopsys Intelligent Orchestration uses risk policies you define to run only the analysis you need when you need it, and filters results so developers can focus on what matters most.

Coverity SAST

Ensure your code is secure, reliable, and compliant


Coverity SAST provides fast, accurate and scalable static analysis that helps developers identify quality defects and security weaknesses in their code, while verifying that it complies with common coding and security standards. 

Black Duck Software Composition Analysis

Track and manage the open source dependencies


Black Duck SCA helps teams make informed decisions on the open source they use based on component security, license, and quality information.

It automates enforcement of open source use policies in CI pipelines and alerts you when newly reported vulnerabilities impact production applications.

Seeker Interactive Application Security Testing

Automate security testing with the tools you use today


Seeker IAST turns your existing manual or automated functional test suites into security tests.

It monitors application behavior in the background to identify potential vulnerabilities, and automatically verifies results so developers aren’t distracted by false positives.  

Make sure your developers have the skills they need

Developers play a central role in secure application development. But too often they lack the training or experience required to design and build secure software.  Synopsys Application Security Training and Product Education programs give your team the skills they need to succeed.

Learn more about building security into your SDLC