Security Control Design Analysis (SCDA)

How well do your security controls align with industry best practices?

We evaluate the design of your key security controls against industry best practices to determine if any are misconfigured, weak, misused, or missing.

Don’t let flaws fall through the cracks

Don’t let flaws fall through the cracks

Our experts review up to eleven key security controls to find system defects related to security controls that are not identified through other activities such as pen testing, DAST, or SAST.

Expand your testing horizons with managed services

We offer an array of complimentary tests through our cloud-based assessment center.

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Mimic the attack methods of malicious hackers

Static Application Security Testing

Quickly scan code to find vulnerabilities

Penetration Testing

Eliminate vulnerabilities in your server-side applications and APIs

We won’t leave you hanging

We won’t leave you hanging

At the end of each assessment we will conduct a read-out call with the appropriate development team to review each vulnerability identified during the assessment, answer any questions that the team might have around each vulnerability and also discuss mitigation/remediation strategies.