Insider Threat Detection

What hidden threats are lurking under the surface of your code?

We take an innovative, systematic approach to neutralize potential malicious code before it can be activated to trigger an attack or exfiltrate data.

Not everything is as innocent as it appears

Not everything is as innocent as it appears

We combine source code review (SAST) and binary scanning to identify any code in any part of a software system or script that may appear normal but actually is intended to cause undesired effects such as security breaches or damage to a system. This includes malicious code that typical security tools won't find because there are no vulnerability markers.

Dive deeper into Insider Threat Detection

Learn how to prevent malicious insiders from utilizing innocuous code to sabotage your systems.

We’ll always guide you out of danger

The best part is that we don’t just hand over your results and walk away. We explain how and why all suspected points are potentially malicious code, offer advice to help you manage the discovered malicious code, and provide effective vulnerability remediation strategies.