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Is your software security keeping up with your development?

While many businesses have been able to digitally transform their software development practices through DevOps, the same can't be said for their security testing. With the speed in which code is deployed, it can be difficult to incorporate security testing in a way that doesn't impede production timelines. It's tempting to believe that the solution lies simply in newer, better, or faster security tools, but the truth is that secure software requires more than just automated tests.

Read this buyer's guide to understand how application security testing orchestration (ASTO) solutions remove friction and maintain development velocity while ensuring secure applications.

The guide examines various uses cases for ASTO solutions, including

  • Using policy-as-code to standardize testing
  • Setting audit criteria with risk profiling
  • Preventing pipeline congestion

Download the buyer's guide now to learn how you can build security into your software development at the speed your business demands.

Download the guide now