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Approaches to consolidate and simplify your AppSec program

The proliferation of software across industries presents challenges for teams trying to deliver software at the speed business demands. Teams have added point tools to help address this, but all these tools create additional challenges: increased complexity, a fragmented view of risk, and resource inefficiencies that drive up the total cost of ownership (TCO) for each tool. 

Vendor and tool consolidation aims to address these challenges by streamlining application security efforts, improving your organization’s TCO, and enhancing visibility into your security posture for improved risk management.

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  • How tool proliferation leads to inefficiencies and disparate views of software risk
  • How consolidation helps centralize policy, automation, and integration practices
  • How to gain a single view of software risk across your organization
  • Key attributes to look for in a consolidation vendor

Resources to manage your AppSec risk at enterprise scale