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Limitations driven by social distancing and lockdowns have moved the world online in remarkable ways, perhaps forever changing how we work, learn, and interact. The result is a culture increasingly reliant on our devices—and their applications—to conduct daily activities across every area of our lives, from lifestyle to education to finance.

But how secure are those applications? Are they worthy of the trust we place in them every day?

Through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic, Synopsys analyzed more than 3,000 mobile applications to understand the state of their security. 

We focused on three areas of possible security concerns:

  • Known open source vulnerabilities in commonly used apps
  • Points of information leakage that leave behind sensitive data in the applications’ code
  • Instances of unsafe or excessive mobile permissions required by these apps

Our analysis uncovered noteworthy findings relevant to developers and the organizations they work for, as well as consumers of these applications.