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The Cost of Poor Software Quality in the US: A 2020 Report

Software continues to grow, proliferate, and enhance our digitally enabled lives. As organizations undertake digital transformations, software-based innovation and development rapidly expand. The result is a balancing act for organizations as they try to deliver value at high speed without sacrificing quality. But too often, software quality lags behind other objectives.

The lack of primary attention to quality comes with a steep cost, and that is the focus of this report released by the Consortium for Information & Software QualityTM (CISQ) and cosponsored by Synopsys.

The report calculates the total cost of poor software quality (CPSQ) in the United States to be $2.08 trillion. It also notes that the figure for software technical debt is $1.31 trillion (not including interest), which represents an additional future cost.

The benefits of decreasing CPSQ are widespread:

  • Decreased cost of ownership
  • Increased profitability
  • Improved human performance levels
  • Enhanced innovation
  • More-effective mission-critical IT systems

Download the report to learn key drivers in the cost of poor software quality, the impact that COVID-19 and other global events have had, and what steps you can take to decrease CPSQ in your organization.

cost of poor quality software

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