Information Security Awareness Training

Course Description

Security Awareness is a process of constant refinement and education. Every person has a key role in keeping their company secure and out of the headlines. This course will walk through what it takes to effectively identify and act upon security risks in your personal and work lives. It will cover a broad range of modern security topics and provide actionable advice for increasing your overall security posture.

Course Themes

  • Explain how to reduce the risk of information security leaks
  • Prescribe a set of secure behaviors to exhibit in the face of: Internet and general computing attacks, social engineering attacks, physical intrusion

Learning Objectives

  • Quickly identify potential common security risks in the workplace
  • Assess the security of their workstations, mobile devices and office spaces
  • Build a strong password creation and storage mechanism
  • Recognize the implications of real world data breaches
  • Identify corporate information assets and understand how to handle them securely


Delivery Format: eLearning

Duration: 1 Hour

Level: Introductory

Intended Audience: Everyone

Competencies: None

Prerequisites: None

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