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The software your development teams build is increasingly complex and being delivered faster than ever before. And it’s being deployed in ways that weren’t even possible yesterday. At the same time, new and more sophisticated forms of cyberattacks emerge every day.

Is your AppSec program equipped to secure all that software at scale? 

Reduce AppSec complexity


Tool sprawl and findings noise have made efficient and cost-effective application security a challenge. Reduce the complexity with centralized AppSec policies, test orchestration, findings correlation, and risk reporting.

Optimize security for development

Integrate security testing and just-in-time insight into existing developer workflows, so you can ensure the security of your applications without impeding developer velocity.

Secure your software supply chain

The software supply chain is increasingly complex, and you need to know everything it’s composed of in order to secure it. Automatically track and manage supply chain risks, generate compliant Software Bills of Material (SBOMs), and deliver complete software transparency.

Reduce friction and maintain velocity by shifting security everywhere

To effectively manage risks and remove friction from your software development life cycle (SDLC), your application security program must “shift everywhere.” Synopsys AppSec solutions ensure that security is built into your applications by offering industry-leading tools, hundreds of integrations into developer workflows, and third-party tooling and expert services that span all stages of your SDLC.

Consolidate and centralize AppSec program management

Standardize your AppSec program by implementing policies and test orchestration centrally. With a single source of truth about what was tested, what was found, and what was fixed, you gain actionable, real-time insights for compliance and risk reporting. And improve your total cost of ownership by reducing the effort associated with siloed and complex AppSec management. 

Application security posture management
Application security testing platform

Deploy security solutions that meet developers where they are

Integrate security directly into existing developer workflows so you can ensure security gates aren’t missed. With a no-compromise AppSec platform built for security and development teams, you can implement seamless testing and provide teams with the insight they need, right when they need it. Contributors see prioritized issues and actionable guidance without leaving their toolset, and security has constant visibility into remediation and risk status. 

Gain visibility into your software supply chain

An application can only be as secure as its weakest link. Identify open source and third-party dependencies and evaluate them for security vulnerabilities, IP conflicts, project health, and malicious behavior. Generate complete, accurate, and compliant SBOMs to ensure AppSec software transparency for customers and regulatory compliance. 

Software composition analysis solutions

The Synopsys advantage

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