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The software your development teams build is increasingly complex. They’re delivering it faster than ever. And it’s being deployed in ways that weren’t even possible yesterday. At the same time, new and more sophisticated forms of cyber attack emerge every day.

Are your AppSec tools, programs, and people equipped to secure all that software?

Safeguard your assets by shifting security everywhere

To manage risks and remove friction from your organization’s digital transformation initiatives, your application security programs must “shift everywhere.” Synopsys AppSec and DevSecOps solutions ensure security is built into your applications by offering tooling and services that span all stages of your software development life cycle (SDLC).  

Shift security everywhere

Build a holistic AppSec program

You can’t build a strong application security program on a weak foundation. Synopsys provides AppSec program strategy and planning guidance based on the Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM).

Leveraging proven practices and real-world experience derived from decades of managing software security programs, our team of dedicated consultants help you chart a path from where you are today to where you need to be tomorrow.

Understand your internal and external threats and risks

Synopsys threat and risk assessments help you analyze the entire application to identify likely internal and external threat agents, attack vectors, and design flaws that can lead to a breach.

Quantify risks based on probability and severity so you can identify and prioritize remediation plans, address issues early, and minimize costs and impact to release schedules. 

Align AppSec resources to business priorities and events

Skilled security professionals are hard to hire and retain, and too often teams have to do more with less.

Whether helping with special projects or incident response, or making optimal use of internal resources, Synopsys security testing services give your team a cost-effective way to address a variety of application security testing needs with on-demand access to highly trained AppSec experts.

None of the top 40 highest-ranked computer science programs in the U.S. require a secure coding or secure design class."

Forrester Research, Inc.


“Show, Don’t Tell, Your Developers How to Write Secure Code”

Equip your team with the skills they need to succeed

To effectively protect your organization against cyber attacks, your development teams need the skills and knowledge to design and build secure software. But too often developers have little or no formal AppSec training to guide them.

Don’t let a skills gap stand in the way of securing your applications. Synopsys security training helps you build a comprehensive AppSec training program with a security curriculum to close knowledge gaps and courses that transforms developers into Security Champions.

Build security into every stage of development

Security programs work best when development teams embrace the tools and practices that security teams promote. Improve development adoption with Synopsys AppSec solutions that plug seamlessly into development toolchains and workflows.

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