Building High-Quality Software

Control your risk with better software

Even with the best developers on your team, ensuring that code meets the highest software quality standards can be difficult. What are you doing to enforce best practices for code quality in development?

Quality shouldn’t come at the cost of speed

Finding and fixing quality flaws early in the SDLC is faster, cheaper, and less invasive than addressing them later. 

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Coding standards support code quality

Maintaining compliance with quality coding standards can reinforce your commitment to producing high-quality software.


Secure applications demand software quality

Investments in software quality can have significant implications for an organization’s security posture. 

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enabling the developer

Enabling the developer

Code quality starts with the developer. Make sure your software development team is equipped to build quality into every application with Synopsys SAST.

  • Educate developers on the latest best practices for building high-quality applications.
  • Define and manage quality and security standards across large development teams.
  • Automatically assign defects to the developer responsible to ensure quick remediation.


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Coverity by Synopsys

Know your code

As the world’s safety and security depend increasingly on software, it is essential that we hold applications—and the organizations that build them—to the highest quality standards. With Coverity, you can dedicate your development organization to producing high-quality software.

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