Software Security and License Compliance for M&A Due Diligence

Identify software risks during M&A transactions

Undetected security issues during a merger or acquisition can

  • put sensitive data at risk
  • impede overall and integration operations
  • lengthen deal and integration timelines
  • increase remediation costs

No matter which side of an acquisition you’re on, Synopsys solutions for software security, code quality, and open source license compliance will support the financial and reputational success of your transaction.

Did you know?

  • 85%

    The percentage of applications with license conflicts or unknown licenses

  • 96%

    The percentage of applications that contain open source components

  • 78%

    The percentage of applications with at least one known security vulnerability

  • 257

    The average number of open source components per application


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Open source assessment services for M&A

Black Duck On-Demand services can identify and assess all open source and third-party components, licenses, and vulnerabilities in the target codebase using:

Open Source Risk Assessment

Open Source Risk Assessment

Enhances an open source audit with a deep analysis of security vulnerabilities and operational risks associated with the open source components in your applications.

Web Services Risk Audit

Web Services Risk Audit

Measures your risk exposure via the third-party services your applications interact with. Assesses governance, data privacy, and operational risk those APIs might introduce into your software.

Code quality assessment services

Proprietary code quality assessment services for M&A

  • Code Quality Audit. Provides a complete assessment of the quality of the code and the process used to build it. Includes recommendations for how to improve quality while reducing costs.
  • Encryption Audit. Identifies encryption technologies that can affect and restrict the legal export of acquired software. Includes a detailed analysis of encryption functions in proprietary, open source, and third-party software.

Ensure software is an asset, not a liability

Whether you are positioning to be acquired, evaluating potential targets for a strategic purchase, or seeking to establish a benchmark valuation of digital properties, having full insight into the composition and integrity of software assets is critical to a successful merger or acquisition.

451 Research discusses managing the threat of open source in M&A

Proprietary software security assessment services for M&A

Mergers and acquisitions create opportunities for vulnerable, low-quality code to infiltrate an organization’s codebase. Synopsys provides solutions to help you find and fix security risks during due diligence or in newly acquired code, ensure faulty applications don’t threaten your deal, and establish strategies to maintain the digital integrity of new and existing software assets. Here are some of our offerings:

IT Security Analysis

IT Security Analysis

Analyzes the overall integrity of an organization’s IT environment.

Strengthen your portfolio with software security

Get the most from your M&A activities when you remediate open source vulnerabilities, fortify weaknesses in proprietary code, and establish a software security strategy.