Cloud Security

Security in the Cloud has never been clearer

Cloud security may be a fairly new concept, but the underlying principles of building security in remain the same. We utilize the tests and assessments to help you securely:

  1. Evolve an application for Cloud services;
  2. Develop new Cloud-native applications;
  3. Teach your staff Cloud Security;
  4. Migrate to the Cloud;
  5. Assess your Cloud configuration.

If you need to migrate to the Cloud or develop something new in the Cloud, we have the tools and services you need:

No matter where you run an application, its vulnerabilities will follow.

Over 90% of security issues originate with the enterprise—not the Cloud. So, simply moving an app to the Cloud doesn't make it more secure.

Increase your Cloud computing IQ

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Take Your Security to New Heights

Take your security to new heights

When you move to the Cloud, embrace the security benefits of its infrastructure. Now you can redirect your freed-up resources to ensure application vulnerabilities are addressed and reduce the associated risks. We can help you make your application security soar—no matter where you run them.