Application Security for Agile Development

Building security into a dynamic release cycle

Synopsys helps Agile teams mitigate security risk with services that integrate naturally into the agile process and provide a secure foundation for any new feature release. The Synopsys mission of ‘Building Security In’ is really about creating an agile security approach.

Make security part of your well-oiled machine

You’ll be better able to maintain the rapid and fluid nature of Agile development if you’re building upon a strong security foundation. While your developers and software engineers focus on individual sprints, Synopsys can help you connect the dots across projects.

Program Development

Build security standards, policies, and metrics into your user stories.

Architecture Risk Analysis

Find connections between systems, ensure the integrity of your overall design.

Security Training

Teach your team the skills they need to build security in.

The Agile Security Manifesto

The Agile Security Manifesto

There are four guiding principles you can add to your agile development process to integrate security into it. Learn more about the principles.

Jump on board the Agile Train

Jump on board the Agile Train

Imagine Agile as a high-speed train flying down the tracks of software security. A train won’t get very far without the tracks. Similarly, software isn’t secure unless security measures guide the development process. Let us show you how to build security into your agile workflow without derailing your SDLC.