Application Security for Agile Development

Build security into your tools and processes

Synopsys products and services help development teams integrate automated security testing into the quick feedback loops that define agile software development life cycles (SDLC).

What is agile development?

To accelerate delivery and ensure product-market fit, agile development teams focus on removing process barriers to respond quickly to customer demands.

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Agile process
Agile workflows

Software security can disrupt agile workflows

Software security testing solutions can delay or impede agile workflows when:

  • Results are inaccurate, which can lead to hours of separating false positives from real issues.
  • Developers need to spend time manually configuring and initiating analyses.
  • Scanning times delay release schedules.

Tailor your approach to a secure, agile SDLC

The Synopsys application security portfolio empowers development teams to build their automated security testing strategy around their technical environment, timeline constraints, and personal preferences.

Integrated Tools

Designed for agile SDLCs, Synopsys AppSec tools integrate into IDEs or CI/CD pipelines to automate security testing.

Managed Services

Managed security testing provides development and DevOps managers with the flexibility to test their code on demand.

Professional Services

Work with our software security and development experts to plan and implement a secure, agile SDLC.

agile software development

Solutions built for speed

Application security solutions that aren’t designed for quick feedback cycles cannot match the highly responsive approach to software development encouraged by agile principles. Security in agile development requires integration and automation for speed. The Synopsys AppSec portfolio can help you automate security testing in the SDLC to integrate with agile workflows.

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