Software Security in Industrial Control Systems

Secure the cyber-physical systems that impact your business

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are required to meet the highest industry standards for safety and quality due to their role in driving mission-critical systems. In order to capitalize on the growing appetite consumers have for network-connected devices, many critical systems are now open to cybersecurity threats and robustness issues that were previously unseen in the ICS world.

Are you safety compliant?

Are you safety compliant?
Meet ISA / IEC 62443-4-1 compliance

A new standard covering the secure product development lifecycle has been ratified, officially adding static code analysis, software composition analysis, and fuzz testing.

Tools tailored to fit your needs

Our solution for ICS is uniquely positioned to provide vendors with industry-leading software security tools to detect known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Widely available, low-cost Internet Protocol (IP) devices are now replacing proprietary solutions, which increases the possibility of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and incidents."



The ICS landscape is changing—quickly

The ICS landscape is changing—quickly

Although security solutions have been designed to deal with security issues in typical IT systems, ICS environments require special precautions. Synopsys has the expertise to tailor security solutions and best practices to fit the specific needs of ICS.