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Learn how Coverity can help achieve your application security objectives

As a CISO of an organization, you're responsible for ensuring security and compliance in your web applications. Today’s web applications are developed at scale, in highly agile environments. You need a SAST solution that fits seamlessly into the stages of the software development life cycle, without slowing it down. The solution should also provide a high-level overview of application risks and compliance across all the applications. Learn how the unique abilities in Coverity® fit your needs and why it should be your go-to solution for static application security testing.

In this white paper you’ll see:

  • How Coverity helps enhance developer adoption by providing actionable findings in their IDE as they code
  • A detailed overview of Coverity’s reporting and dashboard features that can help security managers assess and demonstrate compliance with key security and industry standards
  • How Coverity can help you prioritize resources to fix certain vulnerabilities and ensure that business-critical security issues are fixed correctly