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2024 Open Source Risk in M&A by the Numbers

Learn how an open source audit can reduce your security risk

Here’s what we know:

  • Most of today’s codebases contain open source components.
  • Vulnerabilities and licensing issues in codebases are as pervasive as open source itself.
  • Unpatched software vulnerabilities are one of the biggest cyberthreats organizations face.
  • Failure to comply with open source licenses can put businesses at significant risk of litigation and threat to IP.

The prevalence of open source and the increasing use of AI-powered coding tools can expose your organization to significant security risk if you fail to patch components or can’t confirm your software license compliance. Mitigating this risk requires a clear understanding of what open source code is in your codebase.

In this white paper, we cover the benefits an open source audit can provide to your organization, including a comprehensive and up-to-date Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) that provides a view into the potential risks associated with your components.

2024 Open Source Risk in M&A by the Numbers whitepaper

Download the white paper