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Materials to help legal professionals understand open source legal, security, and quality risks in software

You need to know what’s in the code

The lack of effective open source license and security management exposes organizations to legal and business risks. Such risks emerge through code that contains known security vulnerabilities or bugs that are costly and time-consuming to fix, code that isn’t properly licensed, and code that doesn’t comply with corporate policies. Code problems like these open organizations up to legal and security issues that can delay or even derail tech transactions.

Understanding the risks

Acquirers now ask the open source question in most transactions involving software assets, and software audits are becoming the norm. Over 1,000 companies rely on products, services, and audits from Synopsys, the market leader in M&A audits and internal governance solutions, to analyze their code and identify unapproved open source and other software policy violations. While our analysis helps establish the facts related to software licensing and compliance, our customers need legal assistance to guide their policy and remediation decisions. That’s why we partner with legal professionals who can provide such guidance.

Helpful resources

These materials will help legal professionals begin to understand the pervasiveness of open source and its impact on tech transactions. The resources include blog articles, webinars, white papers, reports, and other resources to help you understand the risks in software.

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