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Build Security Into Your SDLC With Coverity

Learn why Coverity is your go-to SAST solution

Are your developers getting discouraged by too many false positives from security tools that slow them down? You need a solution that boosts their productivity, finds real vulnerabilities, and provides expert remediation guidance. Coverity will help you achieve this and more. Learn about Coverity’s unique technical capabilities and why it should be your go-to solution for static analysis security testing.

Inside you'll find:

  • How Coverity enables developers to shift further left and find and fix security issues as they code, while fitting seamlessly into the SDLC pipeline
  • A detailed overview of Coverity’s capabilities and how development and security managers can leverage it to track and manage risk to their security projects
  • How Coverity’s patented analysis capabilities can help find critical security vulnerabilities (with code examples)

Learn how you can assess the ROI of implementing Coverity into your SDLC, quickly build secure applications, and accelerate your software velocity.

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