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The Developer's Guide to Software Integrity

For development teams, software quality has never been optional. In recent years, developers have also been under increasing pressure to address software security concerns. Only when security is treated with the same importance as quality can your software’s integrity drive a proactive strategy, rather than a reactive response.

If software doesn’t function as advertised—if it crashes or otherwise fails—technical support calls flood in, and users may shop around for a more reliable product. However, some software quality issues are not as obvious to customers, such as memory or resource leaks. These less detectable issues can still make running software less efficient. They can also have an impact on customer costs or user experience.

What's inside the eBook?

This eBook provides actionable insight into:

  • How software security is an integral part of software quality
  • The most common challenges facing development teams
  • Testing tools that can help meet these challenges and empower developers
  • Building alignment for a consistent testing strategy

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