DesignWare Library - Datapath and Building Block IP

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The DesignWare® Library's Datapath and Building Block IP is a collection of reusable intellectual property blocks that are tightly integrated into the Synopsys synthesis environment. Using the DesignWare Library's Datapath and Building Block IP allows transparent, high-level optimization of performance during synthesis. The large availability of IP components enables design reuse and significantly improves productivity. The DesignWare Library's Datapath and Building Block IP consists of:
  • Datapath: complex arithmetic, floating point, trigonometric...
  • Data Integrity: CRC, ECC, 8b10b
  • Memory: FIFO/FIFO Controller, Synchronous & Asynchronous RAM...
  • DSP: High speed digital FIR & IIR, Sequential Digital FIR
  • Test: JTAG, Boundary Scan, TAP Controller...
  • Microcontrollers - 8051 & 6811

 Application Specific: Control Logic  (Overview)
DW_arb_2t Two-Tier Arbiter with Dynamic/Fair-Among-Equal Scheme
DW_arb_dp Arbiter with Dynamic Priority Scheme
DW_arb_fcfs Arbiter with First-Come-First-Served Priority Scheme
DW_arb_rr Arbiter with Round Robin Priority Scheme
DW_arb_sp Arbiter with Static Priority Scheme
 Datapath: Arithmetic Components  (Overview)
DW01_absval Absolute Value
DW01_add Adder
DW01_addsub Adder-Subtractor
DW01_ash Arithmetic Shifter
DW01_bsh Barrel Shifter
DW01_cmp2 2-Function Comparator
DW01_cmp6 6-Function Comparator
DW01_csa Carry Save Adder
DW01_dec Decrementer
DW01_inc Incrementer
DW01_incdec Incrementer-Decrementer
DW01_satrnd Arithmetic Saturation and Rounding Logic
DW01_sub Subtractor
DW02_mac Multiplier-Accumulator
DW02_mult Multiplier
DW02_multp Partial Product Multiplier
DW02_mult_2_stage Two-Stage Pipelined Multiplier
DW02_mult_3_stage Three-Stage Pipelined Multiplier
DW02_mult_4_stage Four-Stage Pipelined Multiplier
DW02_mult_5_stage Five-Stage Pipelined Multiplier
DW02_mult_6_stage Six-Stage Pipelined Multiplier
DW02_prod_sum Generalized Sum of Products
DW02_prod_sum1 Multiplier-Adder
DW02_sum Vector Adder
DW02_tree Wallace Tree Compressor
DW_addsub_dx Duplex Adder/Subtractor with Saturation and Rounding
DW_bin2gray Binary to Gray Converter
DW_cmp_dx Duplex Comparator
DW_cntr_gray Gray Code Counter
DW_div Combinational Divider
DW_div_pipe Stallable Pipelined Divider
DW_div_sat Combinational Divider with Saturation
DW_exp2 Base-2 Exponential
DW_gray2bin Gray to Binary Converter
DW_inc_gray Gray Incrementer
DW_inv_sqrt Reciprocal of Square-Root
DW_lbsh Barrel Shifter with Preferred Left Direction
DW_ln Natural Logarithm
DW_log2 Base-2 Logarithm
DW_minmax Minimum/Maximum Value
DW_mult_dx Duplex Multiplier
DW_mult_pipe Stallable Pipelined Multiplier
DW_norm Normalization for Fractional Input
DW_norm_rnd Normalization and Rounding
DW_piped_mac Pipelined Multiplier-Accumulator
DW_prod_sum_pipe Stallable Pipelined Generalized Sum of Products
DW_rash Arithmetic Shifter with Preferred Right Direction
DW_rbsh Barrel Shifter with Preferred Right Direction
DW_shifter Combined Arithmetic and Barrel Shifter
DW_sla Arithmetic Left Shifter
DW_sqrt Combinational Square Root
DW_sqrt_pipe Stallable Pipelined Square Root
DW_square Integer Squarer
DW_squarep Partial Product Integer Squarer
DW_sra Arithmetic Right Shifter
 Datapath: Floating Point  (Overview)
DW_fp_add Floating-Point Adder
DW_fp_addsub Floating-Point Adder/Subtractor
DW_fp_cmp Floating-Point Comparator
DW_fp_div Floating-Point Divider
DW_fp_div_seq Floating-Point Sequential Divider
DW_fp_dp2 2-Term Floating-Point Dot-product
DW_fp_dp3 3-Term Floating-Point Dot-product
DW_fp_dp4 4-Term Floating-Point Dot-product
DW_fp_exp Floating-Point Exponential (e^a)
DW_fp_exp2 Floating-Point Base-2 Exponential
DW_fp_flt2i Floating-Point to Integer Converter
DW_fp_i2flt Integer to Floating-Point Converter
DW_fp_invsqrt Floating-Point Reciprocal of Square Root
DW_fp_ln Floating-Point Natural Logarithm
DW_fp_log2 Floating-Point Base-2 Logarithm
DW_fp_mac Floating-Point Multiply and Add
DW_fp_mult Floating-Point Multiplier
DW_fp_recip Floating-Point Reciprocal
DW_fp_sincos Floating-Point Sine or Cosine
DW_fp_sqrt Floating-Point Square Root
DW_fp_square Floating-Point Square
DW_fp_sub Floating-Point Subtractor
DW_fp_sum3 3-input Floating-Point Adder
DW_fp_sum4 4-input Floating-Point Adder
 Datapath: Sequential  (Overview)
DW_div_seq Sequential Divider
DW_mult_seq Sequential Multiplier
DW_sqrt_seq Sequential Square Root
 Datapath: Trigonometric  (Overview)
DW_sincos Sine and Cosine
 Data Integrity  (Overview)
DW04_par_gen Parity Generator and Checker
DW_crc_p Universal Parallel (Combinational) CRC Generator/Checker
DW_crc_s Universal Synchronous (Clocked) CRC Generator/Checker
DW_ecc Error Checking and Correction
 Data Integrity: Coding  (Overview)
DW_8b10b_dec 8b10b Decoder
DW_8b10b_enc 8b10b Encoder
DW_8b10b_unbal 8b10b Coding Balance Predictor
 Digital Signal Processing  (Overview)
DW_dct_2d Two Dimensional Discreet Cosine Transform (DCT)
DW_fir High-Speed Digital FIR Filter
DW_fir_seq Sequential Digital FIR Filter Processor
DW_iir_dc High-Speed Digital IIR Filter with Dynamic Coefficients
DW_iir_sc High-Speed Digital IIR Filter with Static Coefficients
 Interface: Clock Domain Crossing  (Overview)
DW_data_qsync_hl Quasi-Synchronous Data Interface for H-to-L Frequency Clocks
DW_data_qsync_lh Quasi-Synchronous Data Interface for L-to-H Frequency Clocks
DW_data_sync Data Bus Synchronizer with Acknowledge
DW_data_sync_1c Single Clock Filtered Data Bus Synchronizer
DW_data_sync_na Data Bus Synchronizer without Acknowledge
DW_gray_sync Gray Coded Synchronizer
DW_pulseack_sync Pulse Synchronizer with Acknowledge
DW_pulse_sync Dual Clock Pulse Synchronizer
DW_reset_sync Reset Sequence Synchronizer
DW_stream_sync Data Stream Synchronizer
DW_sync Single Clock Data Bus Synchronizer
 Logic: Combinational Components  (Overview)
DW01_binenc Binary Encoder
DW01_decode Decoder
DW01_mux_any Universal Multiplexer
DW01_prienc Priority Encoder
DW_decode_en Binary Decoder with Enable
DW_lod Leading One's Detector
DW_lsd Leading Signs Detector
DW_lza Leading Zero's Anticipator
DW_lzd Leading Zero's Detector
DW_pricod Priority Coder
DW_thermdec Binary Thermometer Decoder with Enable
 Logic: Sequential Components  (Overview)
DW03_bictr_dcnto Up/Down Binary Counter with Dynamic Count-to Flag
DW03_bictr_decode Up/Down Binary Counter with Output Decode
DW03_bictr_scnto Up/Down Binary Counter with Static Count-to Flag
DW03_lfsr_dcnto LFSR Counter with Dynamic Count-to Flag
DW03_lfsr_load LFSR Counter with Loadable Input
DW03_lfsr_scnto LFSR Counter with Static Count-to Flag
DW03_lfsr_updn LFSR Up/Down Counter
DW03_updn_ctr Up/Down Counter
DW_dpll_sd Digital Phase Locked Loop
 Memory: FIFO  (Overview)
DW_asymdata_inbuf Asymmetric Data Input Buffer
DW_asymdata_outbuf Asymmetric Data Output Buffer
DW_asymfifo_s1_df Asymmetric I/O Synchronous (Single Clock) FIFO with Dynamic Flags
DW_asymfifo_s1_sf Asymmetric I/O Synchronous (Single Clock) FIFO with Static Flags
DW_asymfifo_s2_sf Asymmetric Synchronous (Dual-Clock) FIFO with Static Flags
DW_fifo_2c_df Dual clock FIFO with Dynamic Flags
DW_fifo_s1_df Synchronous (Single Clock) FIFO with Dynamic Flags
DW_fifo_s1_sf Synchronous (Single Clock) FIFO with Static Flags
DW_fifo_s2_sf Synchronous (Dual-Clock) FIFO with Static Flags
 Memory: FIFO Controllers  (Overview)
DW_asymfifoctl_2c_df Asymmetric Synchronous (Dual Clock) FIFO Controller with Dynamic Flags
DW_asymfifoctl_s1_df Asymmetric I/O Synchronous (Single Clock) FIFO Controller with Dynamic Flags
DW_asymfifoctl_s1_sf Asymmetric I/O Synchronous (Single Clock) FIFO Controller with Static Flags
DW_asymfifoctl_s2_sf Asymmetric Synchronous (Dual-Clock) FIFO Controller with Static Flags
DW_fifoctl_2c_df Dual clock FIFO Controller with Synchronous Memory Support and Dynamic Flags
DW_fifoctl_s1_df Synchronous (Single Clock) FIFO Controller with Dynamic Flags
DW_fifoctl_s1_sf Synchronous (Single-Clock) FIFO Controller with Static Flags
DW_fifoctl_s2_sf Synchronous (Dual-Clock) FIFO Controller with Static Flags
 Memory: Registers  (Overview)
DW03_pipe_reg Pipeline Register
DW03_reg_s_pl Register with Synchronous Enable Reset
DW03_shftreg Shift Register
DW04_shad_reg Shadow and Multibit Register
DW_pl_reg Pipeline Register with individual enables
 Memory: SRAMs  (Overview)
DW_ram_2r_w_a_dff Asynchronous Three-Port RAM (Flip-Flop Based)
DW_ram_2r_w_a_lat Write-Port, Dual-Read-Port RAM (Latch-Based)
DW_ram_2r_w_s_dff Synchronous Write-Port, Asynchronous Dual Read-Port RAM (Flip-Flop Based)
DW_ram_2r_w_s_lat Synchronous Write-Port, Asynchronous Dual Read-Port RAM (Latch-Based)
DW_ram_rw_a_dff Asynchronous Single-Port RAM (Flip-Flop Based)
DW_ram_rw_a_lat Asynchronous Single-Port RAM (Latch-Based)
DW_ram_rw_s_dff Synchronous Single-Port, Read/Write RAM (Flip-Flop Based)
DW_ram_rw_s_lat Synchronous Single-Port, Read/Write RAM (Latch-Based)
DW_ram_r_w_a_dff Asynchronous Dual-Port RAM (Flip-Flop Based)
DW_ram_r_w_a_lat Asynchronous Dual-Port RAM (Latch-Based)
DW_ram_r_w_s_dff Synchronous Write-Port, Asynchronous Read-Port RAM (Flip-Flop Based)
DW_ram_r_w_s_lat Synchronous Write-Port, Asynchronous Read-Port RAM (Latch-Based)
 Memory: Stacks  (Overview)
DW_stack Synchronous (Single Clock) Stack
DW_stackctl Synchronous (Single Clock) Stack Controller
 Test: JTAG  (Overview)
DW_bc_1 Boundary Scan Cell Type BC_1
DW_bc_10 Boundary Scan Cell Type BC_10
DW_bc_2 Boundary Scan Cell Type BC_2
DW_bc_3 Boundary Scan Cell Type BC_3
DW_bc_4 Boundary Scan Cell Type BC_4
DW_bc_5 Boundary Scan Cell Type BC_5
DW_bc_7 Boundary Scan Cell Type BC_7
DW_bc_8 Boundary Scan Cell Type BC_8
DW_bc_9 Boundary Scan Cell Type BC_9
DW_tap TAP Controller
DW_tap_uc TAP Controller with USERCODE Support
 Datapath Functions  (Overview)
DWF_dp_absval Returns the absolute value (magnitude) of an argument
DWF_dp_blend Implements an alpha blender or linear interpolator
DWF_dp_count_ones Counts ones in argument
DWF_dp_mult_comb Performs a combined unsigned/signed multiply
DWF_dp_mult_comb_ovfldet Performs a combined unsigned/signed multiply and overflow detection
DWF_dp_mult_comb_sat Performs a combined unsigned/signed multiply and saturation
DWF_dp_mult_ovfldet Performs a multiplication with overflow detection
DWF_dp_mult_sat Performs a multiplication and saturation
DWF_dp_rnd Performs arithmetic rounding
DWF_dp_rndsat Performs arithmetic rounding and saturation
DWF_dp_sat Performs arithmetic saturation
DWF_dp_sign_select Performs sign selection / conditional two's complement
DWF_dp_simd_add Configurable SIMD adder
DWF_dp_simd_addc Configurable SIMD adder with carry
DWF_dp_simd_mult Configurable SIMD multiplier
DWF_dp_sub_abs Returns the absolute value of a subtraction