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DVMRPv1 Server Test Suite Data Sheet
Test Suite:
DVMRPv1 Server Test Suite

DVMRP is a distance vector routing protocol. DVMRP routing information is carried inside of IGMP (IP protocol 2) packets. The protocol is based on forwarding packets: the router generates a routing table with the multicast group of which it has knowledge with corresponding distances. DVMRP operates via a reverse path flooding technique, sending a copy of a received packet out through each interface except the one at which the packet arrived.

Used specifications


Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol

Tool-specific information

Tested DVMRP v1 Packets
Packet Type
DVMRP Request

This message requests routes to some destination(s)

DVMRP Request (All routes)

This message requests entire routing table

DVMRP Non-membership Report

This message provides non-membership report(s)

DVMRP Non-membership Cancel

This message cancels previous non-membership report(s)

DVMRP Response

This message provides routes to some destination(s)

Test tool general features
  • Fully automated black-box negative testing
  • Ready-made test cases
  • Written in Java(tm)
  • GUI command line remote interface modes
  • Instrumentation (health-check) capability
  • Support and maintenance
  • Comprehensive user documentation
  • Results reporting and analysis