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CMP Server Test Suite Data Sheet
Test Suite:
CMP Server Test Suite

Certificate Management Protocol (CMP) is a Public Key Infrastructure protocol for managing X.509 certificates. CMP is used between Certification Authorities (CA), Registration Authorities (RA) and End Entities (EE). CMP provides means for initial registration of end entities, key pair update and certificate update for end entities and CAs, cross-certification between CAs, certificate revocation management, and discovery of certificates and certificate revocation lists (CRL). The CMP Server test suite is designed for robustness testing of CA and RA implementations supporting CMP protocol. The test suite acts as an evil end entity sending anomalous CMP requests to CA, possibly via RA. The test suite uses HTTP for transporting CMP messages.

Used specifications

RFC 4210

Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Management Protocol (CMP)

RFC 4211

Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Request Message Format (CRMF)

RFC 6712

Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure -- HTTP Transfer for the Certificate Management Protocol (CMP)

3GPP TS 33.310 version 11.2.0 Release 11

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS); LTE; Network Domain Security (NDS); Authentication Framework (AF)

Tool-specific information

Tested messages
Initialization request

End-entity initialization

Certification request

Request for additional certificates for existing PKI entities

Key update request

Request for replacing an existing certificate

Certificate confirmation

Confirmation of received certificates

PKI general message

Generic message type for obtaining information from CA

Error message

Message for conveying error information

Supported message protection methods
Shared secret

HMAC-SHA1 signature with shared secret


RSA-SHA1 signature with certified key-pair


RSA-SHA256 signature with certified key-pair


RSA-SHA384 signature with certified key-pair


RSA-SHA512 signature with certified key-pair


RSA-MD5 signature with certified key-pair

Supported proof-of-possession methods

RSA-SHA1 signature


RSA-SHA256 signature


RSA-SHA384 signature


RSA-SHA512 signature


RSA-MD5 signature

Test tool general features
  • Fully automated black-box negative testing
  • Ready-made test cases
  • Written in Java(tm)
  • GUI command line remote interface modes
  • Instrumentation (health-check) capability
  • Support and maintenance
  • Comprehensive user documentation
  • Results reporting and analysis