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SANS 2023 DevSecOps Survey

The SANS 2023 DevSecOps Survey, commissioned by Synopsys and now in its tenth year, evaluates the maturity of DevSecOps practices against a retrospective view of the previous years’ survey responses.

Respondents to the survey included a geographically diverse group from organizations of all sizes, with a strong bias toward security roles. The subsequent report addresses the key success factors in DevSecOps, current challenges organizations face, industry trends, and critical focus areas for a successful DevSecOps program.

Topics covered include application security testing (AST) shifting further left, the use of AI, and integrating automated and continuous testing in the CI/CD toolchain. The report also looks at AST tools used in DevSecOps programs.

Download the report now to learn

  • Why DevSecOps practices are increasing in maturity and adoption
  • The current challenges organizations face implementing DevSecOps
  • Trends on the usage of multiple cloud solutions, AST tooling, and KPIs
  • Forward-looking trends including the adoption of AI or data science and its impact on the future of DevSecOps

Download the report now