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SANS 2022 DevSecOps Survey

Synopsys commissioned the SANS Institute to examine the improvements in security posture and operational effectiveness that organizations achieved by aligning their development, security, and operations teams around secure DevOps cultural ideals, practices, and tools.

Respondents to the survey included a geographically diverse group from organizations of all sizes, with a strong bias toward security roles. The subsequent report showcases the progress made by the community, addresses the challenges still to overcome, and highlights trends for additional focus on the path to DevSecOps excellence. 

Topics covered include application hosting in the cloud, methods of securing multiple cloud environments at scale, container security, and automation of compliance functions. The report also looks at DevSecOps practices and tools.

Download the report now to learn

  • How other organizations are balancing on-premises vs. cloud container orchestration
  • Why you should limit programming languages for new development projects
  • Why you should consider implementing immutable infrastructure provisioning, blameless retrospectives, and chaos engineering to accelerate your DevSecOps maturity 
  • Why you should benchmark KPIs and metrics with peer organizations 
  • Why you should utilize documentation, training, and socialization of DevSecOps best practices
  • What the emerging trends are, including microservices, leveraging GitOps to advance infrastructure-as-code, and application security orchestration and correlation solutions

Download the report now