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Sakthi Mohan is a security consultant at Synopsys. She recently received her master's in computing security from Rochester Institute of Technology. Sakthi is an emerging security professional specializing in architecture risk analysis, Web application security, and network security.

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A primer on protecting keys and secrets in Microsoft Azure

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5 security industry buzzwords we love to hate

Computing security is an interesting space. One of the main aspects that makes it interesting is that there are many security terms that are ambiguous. With some words, we have no idea why we’ve come to use them! While these buzzwords aren’t going away any time soon, here is a list of buzzwords that most of the security industry loves to hate: 100% Secure Your security is only as good as your weakest link. It’s obvious to the current security world that there is no such thing as 100% secure. However, some organizations guarantee on their website that they are indeed 100% secure. This may seem like a good marketing strategy to attract customers who may not know much about security. It’s also asking for trouble when security professionals notice a claim like this. It is best to steer clear of this term. Hacker When we think of a hacker by that name, a criminal computer nerd comes to mind. You know, the dark shadowy figure in a hoodie that’s sitting behind a fancy laptop. The same figure who steals bank account details with the intention of reeking high-tech havoc.

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The greatest security vulnerability: Humans

In the security industry, we hold the following words near and dear to our work:

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Vulnerability assessment tools to strengthen your web AppSec stance

A good application security program includes a combination of various secure processes, practices, and different tooling options. Choosing the appropriate vulnerability assessment tools should always be the first step in assessing your web application security. These tools help prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity and report the vulnerabilities to allow for a systematic remediation process. Additionally, there are many tools available to choose from. From freeware to open source and commercial tooling options, finding the right tools to serve your purpose can become daunting. Choosing the right vulnerability assessment tools Here are the basic features to look for when choosing suitable vulnerability assessment tools:

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