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Kimm Yeo has held various senior product marketing and management roles in the enterprise software space, ranging from Solaris operating software and enterprise resource (ERP) planning to application lifecycle management (ALM) software. She has spearheaded global developer and system administrator community programs and led key corporate initiatives in product quality and process improvement. Currently, she is focused on modern (mobile, web) application delivery and DevOps adoption. Kimm is a certified Six Sigma belt and has an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Posts by Kimm Yeo:


Synopsys’ Seeker IAST wins Best Cloud and Web Application Security category at CybersecAsia Awards

Seeker was recognized for its leadership and innovation in cloud and web-based application security. Learn how to improve your security posture with IAST.

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Posted in Agile, CI/CD, & DevOps, Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), Security news and research


The ins and outs of fuzz testing with Defensics: Q&A

In our webinar, we talked about preparing for zero-day attacks using fuzz testing, as well as Defensics system compatibility, fuzzing techniques, and more.

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Posted in Building secure software, Fuzz Testing, Webinars


Seeker FAQ: Interactive application security testing and CI/CD

Our Seeker FAQ provides answers about Seeker IAST, active verification, integration into CI/CD pipelines, configuration, sensitive-data tracking, and more.

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Posted in Agile, CI/CD, & DevOps, Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)


How to protect sensitive data with PCI DSS compliance

PCI DSS compliance can help you protect sensitive data and prevent data breaches. Step 1: Identify sensitive data and track how your applications handle it.

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Posted in Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), Software Compliance, Quality & Standards