Ashling Microsystems Ltd.

Ashling Microsystems Ltd

Ashling have been a leading provider of Embedded Development Tools & Services since 1982 with design centres in Limerick, Ireland and Kochi, India, and sales and support offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and America. We provide tools for embedded systems engineers including Debug & High-speed Trace Probes and software tools including SDKs, IDEs, Debuggers, Compilers and Simulators supporting all the main embedded architectures in homogenous and hetereogeneous multi-core environments. Our innovative Tools-as-a-Service TaaS™ business model offers support and enablement of a complete ecosystem for embedded devices including custom tools development, IP and verification. Ashling’s TaaS™ model allows us to jointly develop and rapidly bring this custom tool solution to the market thus giving your device a key, competitive advantage and ensuring your customers can take maximum advantage of everything your device has to offer.


For details on Ashling’s Vitra-XS Debug & Trace and Opella-XD Debug Probes please see here.

Read the News: Ashling announces availability of their new product, the Vitra-XS Debug & Trace Probe for Synopsys ARC® Processors

ARC-specific Support Details

Both probes provide full support for all Synopsys ARC EM, ARC HS, ARC VPX, and ARC EV processors and are fully integrated into the Synopsys ARC MetaWare Development Toolkit.

Learn more about how Ashling and Synopsys work together.

Watch the demo: Ashling Vitra-XS Trace Probe for Synopsys ARC Processors