DesignWare Specialty I/O

Synopsys’ specialty I/O provides the functionality and reliability required for market segments such as mobile, automotive, and cloud. Available in process technologies from 14nm to 180nm, the specialty I/O library includes support for multiple voltages and a full set of support cells (supply, corner spacers, diode breakers, terminators). Synopsys specialty I/Os meet critical power, performance, area (PPA) and reliability requirements for standards including LVDS, sLVDS, eMMC, and I2C.


  • LVDS I/O for up to 1.6 Gbps data rates
    • Customizable output swing, power-down mode and quick power-up
    • Supports additional hooks and parallel buffers for boundary scan
    • Termination impedance/current control
    • Robust ESD and latch-up protection circuitry
  • eMMC 5.0 I/O for 400+ Mbps data rates
    • Supports high-voltage range of 1.7V-3.6V
    • Supports low-voltage range of 1.1V-1.95V
    • Fully selectable output impedance