Synopsys OTP NVM IP

Designers face the challenge of creating secure, cost-effective, low power, and reliable designs. Synopsys’ embedded one-time programmable (OTP) non-volatile memory (NVM) technology enables designers to address this challenge. Synopsys’ OTP NVM IP architecture provides high levels of security, high yields, low power, and excellent reliability, which is why Synopsys OTP NVM is the leader in antifuse technology with >10B units shipped and availability in more than 100 process nodes across a dozen foundries.

Synopsys OTP NVM offers solutions for configuration, trimming, calibration, and encryption key (Base Capacity - XBC OTP), code storage (High Capacity - XHC OTP), and security (Secure Code - XSC OTP) functions.

Synopsys OTP NVM IP

Available in standard CMOS processes, synopsys OTP IP does not require any additional mask layers or process steps and provides an alternative to mask ROM, eFuse and embedded Flash memory.

Synopsys OTP NVM IP addresses the power, form factor and security requirements of a broad range of applications, including code storage, encryption keys, analog trimming, identification tags (RFID), and IC configuration in home entertainment, automotive, industrial, mobile, mil/aero and IoT products.


  • Anti-fuse OTP ensure security, scalability, and reliability
  • Optimized for area, programming time, and power
  • High level of security prohibits memory content modification
  • Flexible, field-programmable memory
  • Built-in error correction schemes available
  • Comprehensive manufacturing built-in test features available