Synopsys XBC OTP NVM IP for Configuration

The Base Capacity Synopsys XBC OTP NVM offers a fast, field-programmable and low-power OTP NVM solution up to 128 Kb density. It is well suited for a variety of applications, including configuration, trimming, calibration, and encryption key storage.


Device configurability lets one SoC with a range of processing and I/O options to be used in several systems that have variations in their feature sets. This provides a set of products with variations in features or customization of a standard product. An example would be automotive entertainment system modules using a processor that is used in different cars from the same manufacturer, each with different audio subsystem hardware that requires different settings. The system configuration can be accomplished by setting the operation of the chip at the factory and storing parameters in OTP memory.

Trimming & Calibration

Variations in chip processing and packaging operations result in deviations of analog circuits and sensors from their target specifications. To optimize the performance of the systems in which these components are placed, it is necessary to “trim” interface circuitry to match a specific analog circuit or sensor. A trimming operation in OTP NVM compensates for variations in the analog circuits and sensors due to manufacturing variances of these components.

For example, automotive applications often require OTP-based trimming and calibration systems that interface with a car’s analog circuits and sensors. Automotive trimming and calibration operations are required in secure vehicle ID (VID) storage, in-car communications, infotainment systems, gas tank vapor and tire pressures, temperatures of various subsystems both outside and under the hood, and positioning of electromechanical devices for brake, steering and other systems.

Encryption Key Storage

Secure encryption keys are found in devices such as encrypted flash memory drives, hard disk drives, and electronic point of sale systems. Like the Synopsys XSC OTP NVM IP, the XBC OTP NVM can be used for secure key storage. The XBC product offers key storage up to 128Kb density, while the XSC offers 16Kb to 32Kb density with additional security features.

Synopsys MTP ULP NVM IP Datasheet
Synopsys SHF OTP NVM IP Datasheet
Synopsys XBC OTP NVM IP - SiPROM Architecture
Synopsys XBC OTP NVM IP - SLPMX Architecture
Synopsys XBC/XHC OTP NVM IP - SLP Architecture
Synopsys XBC/XHC OTP NVM IP – SLP_A Architecture
Synopsys XBC/XHC OTP NVM IP – SLP_B Architecture


  • Cost-effective solution in standard CMOS process requires no additional masks
  • Available in CMOS, BCD, HV, CIS, RF, SOI, and Analog Mixed Signal processes
  • Highly secure anti-fuse bit cell
  • Wide I/O supply voltage range
  • Fast access time, external or field programming
  • Optimized for area and low standby power
  • Selectively qualified for consumer and automotive applications