Synopsys General-Purpose I/O

Synopsys’ general-purpose I/O (GPIO) provides the functionality and reliability required for market segments such as mobile, automotive, and cloud. Available in process technologies from 3-nm to 180-nm, the general-purpose I/O library supports multiple voltages and offers a full set of support cells (supply, corner spacers, diode breakers, terminators). As part of Synopsys’ broad IP portfolio, GPIOs help you meet your SoC design’s critical power, performance, and area (PPA) requirements.

GF 22FDX Embedded Memories, Logic Libraries & IOs Datasheet
GLOBALFOUNDRIES 12LP - 1.8V/1.5V/1.2V GPIO IP Datasheet
GLOBALFOUNDRIES 12LP - 3.3V / 1.8V GPIO IP Datasheet
Intel INT22FFL P1222 - 1.8V LVDS IP Datasheet
Intel INT22FFL P1222 - 1.8V GPIO IP Datasheet
TSMC N6 Foundation IP Datasheet
TSMC N7 Foundation IP Datasheet

Product Update: New DesignWare IOs

Join this update on Synopsys’ DesignWare GPIO and Specialty IO IP, including LVDS, I2C and I3C. The IO portfolio is silicon-proven across a range of foundries and process nodes, and is ready for your next SoC design.

Faisal Goriawalla
Foundation IP Product Marketing Manager


  • Supports 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V mixed-voltage-tolerant output buffer
  • Fully programmable output driver strengths, input Schmitt trigger and output slew rate
  • Supports circuit-under-pad (CUP), non-CUP-inline and staggered-bond pad placement
  • Operating speed in excess of 250MHz
  • Robust ESD and latch-up protection circuitry