Visionary use AI to improve image quality in real time at the edge. Based in Jerusalem, Israel, (an established hub for the AI and vision industry) we were founded in 2020 but already have production quality products and are already generating revenue. Our highly experienced engineering team are able to deliver novel, high performance and efficient solutions that are expected to become mainstream for both human and machine vision applications.

Products has two core technologies.

Firstly, a new AI based approach to noise reduction in real-time video, which enables dramatic improvements in performance in difficult lighting conditions such as low light or high dynamic range. This could be used by ARC developers in applications such as machine vision to increase the confidence and quality of object recognition.

Secondly, a software image signal processor. This is more flexible, easy to tune and adaptable than conventional hardware based ISPs. ARC developers will particularly value this in applications where "software defined" capabilities are important such as automotive or smart security cameras. It will also be beneficial in applications where special response or accuracy is required in one aspect of the image. For example, in an agricultural application which is sensitive to shades of green, or a medical application which is sensitive to subtle differences in shades of red.

ARC-specific Support Details

The technology already runs out-of-the-box on Synopsys EV72 vision processors, which enables a clear path for porting to other Synopsys technology such as NPX6 neural networks.

Learn more about how and Synopsys work together.

Watch a demo of the True Night Vision ISP Running on Synopsys' ARC AI & Vision Processor