PLS Development Tools


PLS Development Tools is the manufacturer of the debug, trace and test tool Universal Debug Engine® UDE. PLS has been one of the technology leaders in the field of test and development tools for the development of applications for microcontrollers and embedded multi-core applications for more than 30 years. PLS is an expert in the fields of multi-core debugging, multicore trace and system-level analysis of complex electronic control systems. The focus is on deeply-embedded systems, such as those used in automotive and industrial electronics. You will find more information about the company, our products and services at


Universal Debug Engine® UDE is a powerful tool and combines comprehensive functions for debugging, trace and runtime analysis of multicore SoCs and microcontrollers with intuitive and efficient usage. In addition to fundamental debugging functions for C and C++ as well as assembler, UDE provides wide-ranging features for

  • Advanced trace functions for trace-based debugging and run-time analysis including profiling and code coverage
  • In-system FLASH programming
  • Support for a wide variety of real-time operating systems
  • Development of AUTOSAR software
  • Extensive scripting support for all common scripting languages
  • Open and flexible software API for coupling with 3rd party tools (e.g. test tools)

The Universal Access Device family is the hardware basis for the powerful functions of the UDE and enables efficient and robust communication to the supported architectures and controllers via all commonly used debug and trace interfaces.

ARC-specific Support Details

The Universal Debug Engine® UDE supports the Synopsys ARC® processors families with the ARCv2 architecture EMx and EV6x/EV7x including the functional safety processors.

The key features for UDE’s support for ARC processors are

  • Support for all on-chip debug features
  • Fast and reliable target communication via JTAG, cJTAG IEEE 1149.7
  • Support for ARC debug integration into Arm® CoreSight™ debug system
  • Debug support for heterogeneous multi-core SoCs with ARC® processors and other architectures
  • Compiler support for Synopsys ARC® MetaWare C Compiler and GNU GCC

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