P-Product P-Product provides custom program development, optimization of standard DSP algorithms, as well as implementation and porting services.

P-Product, Inc., offers software development, software technical support, IT consulting, remote administration and system integration services for a variety of markets. Through a flexible methodology, creative problem solving, and successful partnerships, the company provides its customers with best solution for any complex task.


P-Product has expertise in a range of application areas, including software-defined radio (SDR), video, audio, voice and automotive and offers the following DSP programming services:

  • Algorithm optimization
  • Implementation and porting services
  • Low-level assembly coding
ARC-specific Support Details

P-Product can provide software services for all of the ARC® processor-based audio and DSP products such as the Synopsys ARC AS2xx audio processors and the ARC EM5D and EM7D processors.

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